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A riveting article from a Harvard Business Professor

December 6, 2018


I get it.  Companies are scrambling to offer solutions to our tech addiction epidemic.  Internet Addiction Disorder or Internet Gaming Disorder is officially classified within the DSM 5 guidelines. There are a few things about this recent article that made me cringe.  The least of which is how thin the article is, coming from someone with the words Harvard Business Professor in their title.  There was nothing rich or robust in this article that we don't already know.  EXCEPT, the copious amount of APPS to help us with our screen addiction. This was new information for me.  Wait, did you just hear me?  YES... we can now download, on our phones, what are called productivity apps to help us with our app usage.  I have never in my life heard of anything so ridiculous.  So, let me understand this, in order to benefit from the app, you have to be using an app or be on your phone? It gets better, some apps will reward you with all sorts of benefits; some are real and some are virtual.  Others can punish you, take $5 out of your credit card or your bank account every time you fall short of your technology goals.  My favorite is the one that provides you with a virtual sapling and you can watch it blossom into a beautiful and lush tree when you are hitting your screen time goals or watch it wither and die if you fail miserably.  The idea is these apps will assist in changing our behaviors as it pertains to the addictive properties the phones have on us. Please, someone out there who reads my blog, be the guinea pig for us and let us know how amazing these products are.  I'm all for innovation and in full support of people trying to do positive things to help our device dependent society, but this, this takes the cake.  

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