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March 15, 2019


 A woman came to my door the other day.  It was windy, therefore her hair was disheveled. Her clothing was dingy, however, she is a cleaning service and perhaps had just come from cleaning a client's home.  She spoke very little and what she did say was very soft. She uttered, "here you go, thank you." It's possible she is of another ethnicity and doesn't speak very good English.  I am not in the business of judging.  I observe and draw conclusions, sounds less harsh, but I don't like to judge.  Despite, her appearance and lackluster engagement, this would not have been a deal breaker if I were in the market to hire a cleaning person.  BUT, the cut out brochure she handed me was what did me in.  When you are in the business of housekeeping, cleaning, pet care, meal prep and plant care, these are things that require attention to detail, tidiness, precision, efficiency, thoroughness and organization.  When I looked closely at the brochure and saw how poorly cut out it was, with no attention to detail, no concern for staying nicely around the blue border lines, slanted and jagged cuts, I couldn't help but use this as a teachable moment for my kids.  When you are marketing or advertising something, especially in this woman's field of work, and you present a potential client with the complete opposite of what you are selling, that doesn't work folks.  I told my kiddos, everything you do in life you should do your best to give it 100%.  You should always take pride in your work.  Those menial tasks that seem pointless or annoying, like cutting out something at school, or glueing something down...don't rush it and don't half &#$ it.  


Learn With Moxie is all about verbal and non verbal communication skills.  Not only do I want our future leaders to be able to talk and talk well, I also want them to be skilled in the non verbals.  The eye contact, body language, posture, and overall engagement.  This brochure is a perfect example of a non verbal.  It's not always what we say with our words.  This woman told me a lot simply by handing me a piece of paper.  Some might call it nitpicky or overly critical, but I truly think we are expecting less and less from our society.  We are lowering our standards and becoming casual in how we communicate. We text, typo, abbreviate and we get by.  We allow our children to do it and we expect very little when they are capable of so much more.  Share this picture with your kiddos.  Teach them presentation skills aren't always what you wear or how you speak, but it also shows in your work and in all you do.  Then go out and buy them Admiral William McRaven's book, Make Your Bed.  

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