It’s all about the kids. Our future leaders are becoming more dependent on text, email, and gaming to serve as their main course of interaction and main source of entertainment. Social media has so greatly impacted the most fragile time of our children's development and they don’t have the skills to disconnect with the internet and reconnect with the world around them.

As a result, many children today aren’t comfortable with direct communication. They can’t engage, make eye contact, stand up confidently and exist in their own skin. As parents and educators, living with this knowledge and struggling to find a solution is hard. Kids are vulnerable to being consumed by the cyber world. We are focused on the psychology of what is happening to their brains but what about their voice? How can we respond to the problem and re-engage our children?  

Learn With Moxie™ was designed to provide a solution. Yes, our children need and will continue to use technology to function in the world today, but they also need to practice interactions as if that technology never existed. We HAVE to emphasize interpersonal communication skills. Let’s ensure that our kids are on the right side of the achievement gap between those that have that “thing” we call Moxie, and those that don’t.  


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